Start Right Program

Start Right Program (Init)

Overview of the StartRightSM Program for New Insulin Pump Therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Patients*

"StartRight truly makes a difference. It allows us to build relationships with our customers, and gives them a great sense of security while transitioning to pump therapy and CGM."
StartRight Representatives, Northridge, California

It's Designed to Help Patients with Diabetes Stay
Engaged and Confident

This program supplements the training and education that patients receive as they begin their new diabetes management journey. The goal of StartRight is to provide patients with an innovative, customized and proactive onboarding experience that result in improved outcomes with Medtronic therapies.

The Value of StartRight for Physicians and Patients

Influencing patient behavior between office visits can result in improved treatment, adherence and more meaningful discussions with patients during office visits.

Physicians - StartRight reduces the time and resources required to transition patients to their new diabetes management plan by:
  • Handling non-clinical, product re-education topics.
  • Reducing unplanned phone calls.
  • Reducing last minute prescription refills.

Patients - encourages patients to take a more active role
in their own care by:
  • Discussing therapy goals.
  • Acknowledging patients' achievements.
  • Reinforcing the use of CareLink® reports

StartRight from Medtronic Diabetes helps your patients stay the course during their transition so they can more fully experience the benefits of an integrated system and achieve their diabetes management goals.

*The StartRight program is a great support program to assist patients going on pump therapy for the first time. Customers purchasing a MiniMed 530G® with Enlite®, MiniMed Paradigm® Real-Time Revel™, MiniMed Paradigm® Real-Time Revel™ with Enlite® or MiniMed Paradigm® Real-Time Revel™ with Sof-sensor®, who are new to Medtronic pump therapy will be enrolled and offered this additional support program.

Start Right Program (Two)

StartRight Consists of Value-added Touch Points Over a 3 to 6-Month Period

Touchpoint content provided by StartRight falls into four main categories: Preparing for Therapy, Building the Right Habits, Navigating to Success, and Graduation.*

Motivate and Prepare
Motivating and preparing patients prior to training improves adherence and better retention of the information they learn during training.

Introduction - StartRight Representatives proactively reach out to patients immediately after their product has shipped and set patients up for success even before they begin therapy.

Prepare for Therapy - StartRight Representatives complete a Pre-training assessment, review of inventory of products and training materials, review of training prep work, review additional resources, and address questions or concerns.

Encourage Good Habits
Establishing good habits and positive behaviors for success early in their therapy.

Setting Expectations - Educate on sensor glucose vs blood glucose, sensor changes, pump alerts and alarms and calibrations.

Engage and Support - Follow-up after training, support infusion set and sensor changes, address questions or concerns.

CGM & CareLink Review - Support with registering for CareLink Personal and understanding and reviewing CareLink Personal reports.

Build the Right Habits - Assist with CareLink® Personal accounts, encourage routine CareLink data uploads, establish supply order method early on.

CGM & Supply Reorder Check-In - Follow-up on CGM and CareLink Personal reports, sensor changes, pump alerts and alarms and calibrations, and ordering of supplies.

CGM & CareLink Advanced Review - Support with understanding and reviewing additional CareLink Personal reports.

Navigate to Success
Pro-actively engaging patients to help identify and overcome barriers so they continue on their path to success.

Navigate to Success - Discuss therapy goals, provide encouragement and support during vulnerable times in their transition, reinforce key education topics.

Reflection on patient accomplishments.

Graduation - Final review of best practices and ongoing resources.

*The number of calls may vary depending on the needs of the patient.