Why should Professional CGM be a part of your practice?

The value of Professional CGM

  • Professional CGM is physician-owned.
  • Professional CGM is labeled for people living with diabetes age 18 or older.
  • Professional CGM uncovers glucose characteristics missed by BG meters.
  • Nocturnal Lows, Dawn Phenomenon, Post-Prandial Highs, Total Glucose Excursion
  • Professional CGM studies lead to:
  • Reduced A1C without increased hypoglycemia1
  • Identification of more nocturnal hypoglycemic episodes than anticipated2
  • Identification of dramatically more glucose variability than previously expected
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    2Levetan C, Want LL, Weyer C, et al. Impact of pramlintide on glucose fluctuations and postprandial glucose, glucagon, and triglyceride excursions among patients with type 1 diabetes intensively treated with insulin pumps. Diabetes Care. 2003;261-268.