Pump in a Box

Pump Practicum In A Box

The Local Practicum In A Box Program allows Medtronic to update healthcare professionals on the most current scientific and technical information regarding insulin pump therapy and related products. It is a 5-6 hour, 1-Day program which includes presentations from Medtronic’s Diabetes Clinical Managers and hands-on training in an interactive, learning environment.

This program is ideal for those who are interested in advancing their knowledge about insulin pump therapy and do not wish to travel outside of their local area. More than just a demonstration, Practicum in a Box is a comprehensive education course designed to fully develop one’s insulin pump therapy education.

After participating in the program, you will have an increased knowledge and practical understanding of:

  • Studies and clinical evidence that demonstrateimproved glycemic control for patients who use insulin pump therapy.
  • How to program and adjust pump settings, insert infusion sets, and deliver boluses.
  • Clinical relevance and importance of blood glucose meter accuracy for the pump patient.
  • Factors that contribute to successful management of insulin pump therapy and enhance patient outcomes.
  • Resources and support systems available to healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Methods and best practices for integrating insulin pump therapy into your medical practice.

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